Friday, September 28, 2012

Having a problem with the main blog.

Working on it.

ADDED: If you have any ideas let me know.

I was working on a post and it suddenly published itself. After making another post, I noticed that seemingly automatic publication, and I attempted to delete that first post. It wouldn't delete, and then I noticed that I could not do anything else with my blog.

The blog became very slow-loading, and the sign-in bar across the top didn't come in completely. Other people can no longer do comments on my blog, and I though I can get to my profile and my gmail and my other blogs on this account, I can't make my main blog work.

If I try to go to the "Posts" page, I get "Whoops, that's an error." If I try to go to my profile in Blogger, I also get ""Whoops, that's an error."

Others are not able to comment on my blog as well, but I can see that people are able to get to the site. Something seems to be hung up in the publishing.