Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The old blog is back.

Thanks for coming over, everyone! Now, you can go back.

Seems like Blogger finally paid attention and fixed the problem. It took about 24 hours. Not that long, but very hard on a hardcore blogger like me.


Instapundit links at 8:43 EDT:
BLOGGER SUCKS: So Ann Althouse has set up a backup blog until it starts working again.

11 minutes later, I finally hear from a from Blogger support:
Subject: Re: [#221859] Publishing hangs up -- routine solutions not working.
Date: May 25, 2005 7:54:25 PM CDT
To: althouse ...

Hi there,

This has been fixed.

-Blogger Support


And the problem is only partly fixed. Now the publishing percentage goes up to 100%, and clicking "view" from the "edit posts" page gets to the post, but the post STILL doesn't appear on the main blog page.

So I'm still here for now.

Okay, now that's just scary.

I guess it's funny too. But, really, fix my blog!

"My dreams came true/When I found you."

Here's what I tried to say about last night's "American Idol" just before Blogger stopped publishing for me.
It's finale night on "American Idol," and, of course, that means they're going to inflict original songs lyrics like that on us. The songs are only as bad as something entirely bland can be.
"You would know it would be clear
That angels brought me here"


The judges comments are correspondingly insipid:
"What you've been able to accomplish in these few months is a lifetime of achievement."

The banality;, the complete lackof entertainment

I must say, I did not experience one moment of pleasure. There were varying levels of pain and ugliness.
I want to be inside your heaven
Take me to the place you cry from

No, please, don't! I can cry right here in my own place.

Is it crazy for me to have imagined -- just a little -- that some Carrie fans hacked my blog to keep me from criticizing her? Well, I didn't think that. Not seriously, anyway.

And now the results show is on. I'm so absorbed in my Blogger troubles that I don't even care! It's not like the show could cheer me up or anything.

Here's the problem.

Around 8 last night, just as I was trying to comment on "American Idol," my post wouldn't publish. On the "status" page, the % stayed at 12% forever. Attempts to email Blogger help have gone unanswered (other than by automatic response). There doesn't seem to be a more general problem on Blogger. It's limited to me.

Any ideas?

This is just a place...

For me to blog while I try to figure out why my regular blog isn't working.