Thursday, May 26, 2005

So what do you think?

Have they gone too far?


Allah said...

I apologize if any offense was given, Ann. None was intended. We were looking for a way to tease Glenn about that goofy photo of him with the pie and inevitably we hit upon a storyline involving him and his favorite blogger.

I didn't think you'd mind if we used your likeness too considering that you weren't the butt of the joke and that it was a perfectly nice photo. But since it's bugging you, I'll let the other contributors know to avoid doing so in the future.

My apologies again for any hurt feelings.

EddieP said...

I think it's funny! You might be Glenn's favorite blogger, you're certainly one of mine.

Ann Althouse said...

Allah: Thanks for writing. I don't really mind (I guess). I was kind of amazed to see that when I happened to click over there. It was really surprising to see a picture of myself, in my own house, with someone right up at the window! It was a really well-done photoshop though. Have you ever seen this one?

The Arianna said...


I thought it was Jim Lampley.

TWM said...

Hmmm, the first couple of "Glenn is obsessed with Ann" posts were quite funny, but I had noticed the joke was wearing thin.

Or was it the cop in me wanting to tell you to pull a "Runaway Bride" by cutting your hair and getting on a bus to points unknown.

Also, Glenn says it is strawberry pie, but it looks suspiciously like puppy to me.