Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blogger troubles.

Blogger is giving me trouble today. The front page -- on my main blog -- won't update. I've sort of published posts, but they don't appear. On old posts, you can click to the comments pages and see that there are more comments that the front page indicates. Let me see if this blog publishes properly.


goofticket said...

They must liberals hating you again.
I saw the whine you had on pundit nation.
Grow up lady and take it like the man you want to be.
You rant like Coulter, until you get the focus of attention.

It's politics and if you are so thin skinned, get out of it.

DORK4 said...

piss off, goofticket, she'll run circles around you when it comes to intelligence plus she's incredibly pretty, so button your fat lip, hear?